e(Project) Project Management Features

Addon users are only a $1 per user each month in e(Project) project management!

Time saving features include tools like:

  • Shortcut Key Commands
  • Quickly convert a quote/estimate to an invoice.
  • Create a project from an invoice with the click of a button.
  • Clone an invoice, estimate, task, and notes.
  • Simple embedded ajax todo lists.
  • Special URL’s you can pass to a client for invoices. (No client login required)
  • Close tasks from git commits.
  • Slack and HipChat integrations.
  • Email a Task

Project Management

Main Screens

Task Management

The biggest tool of any project manager is the task system.
  • Task name
  • Task description
  • Progress % completed
  • Milestone
  • Due Date
  • Feature
  • Priority
  • Estimated time (taken from quote)
  • Time worked on task
  • Toggl Button Integration
  • Git web hooks (ref, close, fix)
  • Mentions from other services
  • Work Status
  • Security Status
  • Task Tags
  • ToDo Lists
  • Discussion/Comments
  • Color hex color cards
  • Galleries (in dev)
  • Attachments (in dev)

User Management

Control user roles in your project management site.
Note: the permission system is still in development, but sites are private to your users.

  • User roles include:
    • Administrator – limited by user count
    • Subscriber – default, can do nothing
    • Developer – limited by user count
    • Client – can comment and pay invoices

Invoicing + Estimates

  • Create estimates for clients
  • Easily convert estimates to invoices
  • Convert invoice or estimate to a project that includes tasks from invoice items.
  • Each invoice generates a hashed URL so clients to view or pay the invoice without logging in.
  • Download PDF Invoice, marked paid or unpaid. example
  • Clients can pay invoices via credit card processed with Stripe without leaving the page.
  • Clients can pay invoices with the PayPal option. (PayPal standard)


ToDo lists everywhere. Ajax ToDo lists can be created in tasks, comments/discussions and notes.

Events Calendar

Quickly see what tasks and invoices are due and when.

Coming soon to the calendar!

  • Google calendar integration.
  • View / Edit task settings in the calendar.

Chat Integrations

  • Slack
  • HipChat

Slack Screenshots

HipChat Screenshots

Time Tracking

eProject Task Timers

Toggl button integration included!

Repository Integrations

Link commits to tasks, similar to using GitHub via web hooks.


  • Github
  • Gitlab

Commit Commands

  • ep #task_id (references task)
  • ep ref #task_id (references task)
  • ep fixes #task_id (closes task)
  • ep closes #task_id (closes task)

Miscellaneous Features

  • @user linking and highlighting
  • Task auto linking using ##task_id creates a direct link to that task.
  • Markdown in tasks, notes and comments.

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