Access & Web Hooks


In general, guests have NO access (with the exception of private URL hash).

The public hashed URL for an invoice or task can be given to anyone. They can pay invoices without an account and/or comment on the task for the hashed URL (after solving a captcha).

An example public hashed URL for a task would look like this your_site/tasks/task-name/?key=2deede2c4922c8fe3617a368a07da398

Its almost identical for invoices but with a different hash key.

The hash for invoices and tasks can be found by copying the link under the smiley next to the Created on:

User Signup

On the Account page for this site you can find your hashed signup URLs.

Once a user signs up, you will be notified to set their role as a Client or a Developer.  We hope to automate this in the future.

Clients are free, but are limited to what they can do (eg. Pay invoices and comment on tasks).

Developers are limited to your account level. We believe we are allowing a decent number of devs for each account, but this is not yet set in stone and may change.


If your account includes service integrations that use webhooks, you will be able to find them under the settings for your site.

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